26 March 2014

Embracing Self-Care

My go-to is a great cup of coffee.
How do you take care of yourself?
Stacy over at A Delightful Home is doing a community blogging project on self-care over the next month.

I think it's easy for people--moms, dads, siblings, children, anyone--to neglect self-care in favor of the things that Must Be Done. We run ourselves ragged until our bodies physically force us to take a break with a cold or stomach bug, which we rush to heal from so we can get back to it.

So I've decided to participate in this little project. It will help me think about my own self-care and hopefully encourage you to do the same.

If you would like to participate, I encourage you to check out Stacy's post (linked above) and, if you want, post your links on her blog to show your participation. Here's the rundown of the blog prompts for the project (taken directly from Stacy's post):
Week 1--Know Thyself: We'll be talking about our own personal needs and how that may be different for each individual 
Week 2--Health and Spirituality: How does our spiritual and physical health (or lack thereof) affect us 
Week 3--Peace in the Home: What steps do you need to take (or have already taken) to make your home a more peaceful place? This could be the way you decorate, decluttering, organizing, setting up routines. Anything! 
Week 4--Taking Some R & R: This week we will discuss ways to unwind and relax. What restores you?
I hope you will at least think about how you take care of yourself (or don't) during this time. Take care of yourself and those you love.

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  1. One thing that restores me is a nap; I don't get to take naps every day, but when I do, it definitely makes me feel refreshed and ready to continue my workday (I do a lot of my work at home.) Another thing that helps me relax is a cup of coffee at a nice cafe; there's something about the cafe atmosphere that makes me feel good.


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