04 February 2013

Writers get cabin fever, too

It's been cold here lately. Not nearly as cold as I've experienced in the past, but still cold enough to keep me indoors and wrapped up in my favorite hoodie quite often.

But it's also been driving me a little crazy. For one thing, I hate being cold. More than being hot, I hate being cold. So having to, you know, go outside in the cold hasn't gone well for me lately. But it's also been frustrating because I feel disconnected with the world around me. Staying home is all well and good for writers, but I'm looking forward to sitting outside in the warm sun, walking barefoot in the grass.... and not wearing socks.

I know many writers relish winters. The cold keeps them inside, so they spend more time writing. More than a few writers I know consider winter "writing season" since there's little else to do when the snow and ice keeps them close to home. And yet, I want very much for it to be warm so I can go and be outside.

Yes, even writers need to fight cabin fever.

This month, I'm going to go to poetry group. I haven't been in quite some time, and I miss it. Even though the meetings are inside, maybe getting out and being around other people will make me feel less hermit-y. And, soon enough, it'll be warmer outside, so I'll put on my sandals and go for a walk.

How are you handling winter?


  1. I live in Chicago, so it feels like it's winter most of the time anyway. And it's a "warm" day today, because the temperature is in the double digits. I am one of those people who doesn't mind winter too much; when it's nice out I want to walk around and sit outside too, but then that makes it harder for me to stay home and write.

  2. Well, if you're in Chicago, it's a good thing you don't mind winter!

  3. I'm still enjoying winter after a year in South West Florida. The four year old, however, has been asking several times a day if we can't please move back. She's ready for an end to winter.

  4. That's the one thing I miss about living in central Florida: being able to play outside with the kids all year long. But it's well worth it to have my family nearby for support, especially with all that's happened in the last year!


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