22 February 2013

In honor of my father: I believed you

Today is my dad's birthday.
PeePaw with Puck and Tink
July 2012

We haven't always had the best relationship, but we're much closer than we were. I know he loves me, and is an amazing, loving grandpa to Puck and Tink.

When I was a kid, my dad was always very supportive of me finding my best path. He believed, and told me often, that I could do and be whatever I wanted. He made sure I knew that as long as I put in the effort required, I could be successful in whatever I chose to do. There were times I thought it was one of those things parents say to their kids because they have to. But he said it enough that eventually

I believed him.

And now I'm a writer by passion and by trade.

Whether my dad meant what he said at the time or not, I decided that he was right. I could do whatever I wanted. And I wanted to be a writer. So I am.

It hasn't always been easy. In high school, I was told that if I wanted to be a writer, I should become an English teacher and write as a hobby since that was the only way I could make a living. In college (not the college from which I graduated) I was told that if I wanted to be a writer, I should become a journalist since that is the only way to have a career that involves writing.

Then I became a marketing specialist at my alma mater and was introduced to the world of marketing writing. Then I was a freelance writer for about four years. And now I am a full-time salaried employee as a writer in the marketing department for an amazing business.

It isn't all business writing, though. I make time to work on the collection, and yesterday at poetry group I read two original poems (which were well-received). And someone I know from poetry encouraged me to try and get a play produced locally, which is something I'd never considered.

I am happy with my career path. I'm excited about what the future may bring. And it's all because I believed my dad years and years ago.

Happy Birthday, PawPaw.

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