18 February 2013

Big projects vs. small projects

I have a wide variety of projects that come across my desk at my day job. Some are bigger and take a lot of time and research and rewrites (like white papers), and others are smaller and can get turned around on the same day (like press releases). The variety is good. It keeps work interesting, and the intensity of the big projects can be broken up with the smaller projects so I don't let myself feel too overwhelmed with the bigger projects.

I was talking to a co-worker last week about a particular project I've been working on that started as a small one but has become a large, much more complicated one. She likes small projects, too; especially the ones that can get done in the same day. It gives you a sense of accomplishment to be able to add something to your task list, and then cross it off before you leave the office for the day.

The good news is that working on the collection has helped prepare me for big, complicated projects at work. I'm able to prioritize the tasks to complete the projects, and bring the pieces together to do what needs to be done. (Besides, nothing I've had at work so far has come close to being as involved as the collection!)

The biggest thing for me is to have a list of the individual tasks that need to be done for the project and take them one at a time. Each little task that gets crossed off is an accomplishment, and takes me one step closer to being done with the big project.

How do you handle big projects at work or in writing?

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  1. I'm curious - what do you think of this poem?

    He wanted no more
    than an average life -
    A middling house, normal kids,
    a plain wife.

    "Father, I have sinned," he said,
    as the end grew near.
    "I failed to hate, failed to fear."

    "I failed to rage, failed to cry,
    "failed at everything but getting by."

    Some men are mighty lions,
    some are mice,
    some are wheels in machines
    of hideous device.

    A precious few are happy
    living at the rim.
    I only wish that I had been like him.


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