08 February 2010

This Week's Task List

Since I'm doing The Artist's Way for the next eleven weeks, I've decided to start including those tasks in my weekly task list, as well.  Some of the tasks are somewhat involved in their descriptions, so I'm just going to list the tasks without going into details. Although, for those who have the book, I've included the task numbers so you can see which ones I've chosen for this week.

  • Outline essays for grant application
  • Finish rewriting chapter two for Pondered*
  • Write at least two sections for the coffee house book
  • Bean's six-month check-up (Tuesday evening)
  • Write morning pages every day
  • Take my artist for a date
  • "Basic Principles" task (#1)
  • "Where does your time go?" task (#2)
  • "Affirmations" task (#5)
  • "Life Pie" task (#7)
  • "Ten Tiny Changes" task (#8-10)
  • Weekly check-in (Sunday)

*"Pondered" is the project name for the rewrite of my NaNo 2009 novel, which I titled She Pondered These Things in Her Heart.

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