27 October 2009

10 on Tuesday: ways to procrastinate during NaNoWriMo

You know you're already thinking about it.  I know you're already thinking about it.  So why don't we just cut through all the pretending you're going to write non-stop during your writing time and talk about procrastination techniques.

  1. Edit your outline.
  2. Tweak your character biographies.
  3. Make a snack.
  4. Tweet your word count.
  5. Organize your writing space.
  6. Eat the snack you made.
  7. People-watch and claim it as research.
  8. Meet a fellow procrastinator writer for coffee.
  9. Brainstorm future projects.
  10. Scrap your whole project and start over from scratch.  (I don't recommend this.)

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