17 July 2008

Well, Now What?

Since July 3rd, I've been furiously researching and scribbling (although between July 3rd and July 11th my brother was here so I was a bit busy) as I've been working on my recent gig. Now that the gig is over, I feel a sense of relief, but there's also a bit of a void since I don't have another gig in progress right now.
So I've been thinking about what to do to use my time wisely while I'm looking at my writing prospects, doing some marketing, and living my life.
One of the most important things I'm going to do this week is continue working on my coffee house book. It's been a bit neglected the past couple of weeks, and every morning when I brewed my morning pot of coffee I could smell the manuscript calling to me.... It's time to get back to it! Coffee stales, after all!
I've found the best way to keep myself motivated after a big project is to keep writing, even if I'm not working on a specific project. I scribble character biographies or setting descriptions or whatever comes to mind. If I can't think of anything, I'll borrow from Beautiful Corpse and write the following randomly:
and use it as the beginning of a scene or story. It's not usually spectacular, but it keeps me writing.
What do you do when you find you don't really have any writing to do?


  1. Read, read, read. Next to actually writing, it's the best practice we can get.

  2. I used to read, watch movies, do crafty things (still working on a Japanese village, actually), surf the intertoobz... Since I started me blog, though, there's never a moment when I don't have something to write. I sometimes miss the old days when I could succomb to writer's block! LOL.


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