29 July 2008

Some Signs It's Time to Take a Break

  • You measure time by word count.
  • You look up from your work and pitch an idea for dinner to your significant other.
  • To find out about your aunt's surgery, you send your mother a query email (and attach two writing samples).
  • In a phone conversation with a friend you ask, "Can I quote you on that?"
  • You get a screentan.
  • You close personal emails with "I look forward to hearing from you soon about this exciting opportunity."
  • Your thumb has to be pulled away from the space bar like skin on a leather car seat.
  • Starbucks asks you to be on their board because of your "generous contribution to the company."
  • You finally sit down to watch a little television, and try to use the remote to bring up a Word document.
  • Your cat poses as a client to ask your rates for tummy rubs.


  1. I like this list. Some times during a phone conversation when I'm listening, my mind is also going in another direction thinking this bit of info could be turned into an article.

  2. My poor cat's given up on even posing...

    What's horrible is, no matter how much a writer needs a break, writers never give themselves a break. How many times have we been on a deliberate vacation and found ourselves reaching frantically for something to write with? I swear I've been reduced to writing in blood on the backs of old receipts before. 's all I had.


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