21 August 2014

The No-Soda Challenge

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Despite my efforts at living a healthier, cleaner lifestyle (which includes a plant-based diet and yoga*), I've continued to struggle with ditching soda. And I know I don't drink enough water on a daily basis.

So in yet another effort at getting tips to eliminate soda from my life,** I came across the No Soda Challenge on the Skinny Ms blog.

I've tried lots of different ways to quit soda, and none of them have worked. So I'm trying again with this challenge.

No soda for one month. Starting right now.

There is soda in the house, but Bo has been kind enough to offer to drink it for me so there's no temptation.

I am allowing myself caffeine during this month, which I think will help make the transition away from soda a little easier. At the end of the month, I'll work on scaling back my caffeine intake, as well.

I know it'll be hard, especially over the next few days, but it will be worth it at the end of the month. Wish me luck!

*Yoga has, sadly, not been much of a priority in the last few weeks with all the packing and moving, but I'm making a renewed effort beginning Monday morning.

**Eventually, I would like to also eliminate almost all caffeine from my life, as well, except for maybe a cup of coffee in the morning.

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  1. Good luck! Giving up soda; I tried doing it once or twice and ended up with headaches from the caffeine withdrawal. I drink too much coffee and soda; I think I've replaced alcohol (which I don't drink at all) with caffeine.


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