08 August 2014

Scribbling, scribbling, scribbling

Woman writing a letter by Gerard ter Borch
c. 1655
I've been working on the coffee house book for a long time. There was a time that I had to sort of set it aside for a little while to address some issues that came up in my life, but now that things are much more settled, I've been back to working on it quite a bit. I'm making good progress on the draft I'm working on, and things are coming together nicely.

I'm at that phase of writing in which I'm either working on the coffee house book or thinking about the coffee house book. Sure, I think about work when I'm working and am able to go about my daily life fairly normally, but when my mind is not specifically focused on something, it wanders back to the coffee house and the stories I'm writing about the people who wander in and out of it.

I like being in this mindset about writing. It keeps me moving forward on the book, and keeps me excited about it (and what comes next when it's finished). I know it may not last, and that the editing phase will be far less fun, but I'm holding onto the excitement for as long as I can to keep making progress. I'm optimistic that this is the momentum I need to push through to the end of this draft and next round of editing. So I just keep writing one page at a time, and drinking more and more coffee as I write because writing about coffee makes me want to drink it.


  1. So what will your coffee house book be about? A possible subject could be the American Woman's Infuence on Coffee. But that probably could make light work of your average PhD dissertation! But seriously, did you know that the first license to open a Coffee Shop and Public House was given to a woman named Dorothy Jones? She opened the coffee shop so that she could care for her family. Did you also know that roughly 80% of all US women drink coffee? Those statistics alone, should give you just a bit to scribble about sister! Keep writing, that's three fourths of the solution. Writing. Check out my blog: www.darrinscoffee.com

    1. Thank you for the info. I don't know that it will be helpful to the coffee house book, but interesting nonetheless.


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