24 December 2012

Quiet holidays can be productive

Tomorrow is Christmas Day. I have the day off work, but Puck and Tink are at Monty's house, so I'm having a quiet Christmas at home this year.

My mom, sister and I are having Christmas Day dinner at my grandmother's house, and I'll be talking to the kids on Skype at some point. And I'm spending the rest of the day drinking nice, hot coffee, working on the coffee house book, and trying to enjoy a quiet day at home.

As much as I hate that I'll be away from the kids tomorrow, I'm trying to stay positive (whatever you send out into the world is sent back to you), so I'm determined to make the day a productive one. I can get a lot of writing done tomorrow.

And then, on New Year's Eve, the kids and I are going to have a "camp-over" at my sister's house so we can celebrate our family Christmas on New Year's Day.

Are you celebrating Christmas tomorrow? If so, how?

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