15 February 2012

It's coming....!

It's mid-February. For many that means starting to think about spring, about St. Patrick's Day, about Ash Wednesday and Lent. However, for others, it means something different. It means thinking about ScriptFrenzy.

I know, I know. It's early. But, really, is it ever too early to start thinking about a writing challenge?

For those new to the idea, ScriptFrenzy is like NaNoWriMo, except that it's for scripts. ScriptFrenzy (referred to from here on as "Screnzy") offers flexibility in what kind of script is written. Screenplay, stage play, radio, television.... it's about writing not about following a long list of rules for how to do it. It's 100 pages in 30 days (which is super easy when you're writing a script, by the way, and especially compared to NaNo!).

I already know what I'm doing. The reason is because I came up with a script idea in 2010 and didn't write it. So I'm using that script idea for this year's challenge. It's called Wait, and is a collection of vignettes about... (you guessed it) waiting. And though I've outlined the script already, I think I'm going to start from scratch with the outline. I'm a very different person than I was two years ago, and I want the play to reflect the person I am today.

Again, I know it's early to be thinking about Screnzy. But the earlier, the better. Start thinking about whether or not you want to commit to writing 100 pages in 30 days. It can be done, and though it sounds nuts, it's a lot of fun to do.

In addition to participating, I will be offering virtual support throughout the experience, beginning with helping you prepare. Throughout the month of March I will post weekly prep posts to get your script ready to write, and throughout April I will post pep talk posts to keep you going. And you can know that I'll be right there along with you, scribbling away.

It's a wild and crazy adventure. And worth every moment of sleep lost to get it done.

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