10 February 2012

In which I wait for more information

I would like to talk for a moment about my daughter, who I call "Bunny" for blog purposes.

This past Tuesday, I took Bunny to Dr. New for her nine-month pediatric check-up. Part of the purpose of the appointment was to discuss her slow growth with Dr. New and figure out what could be done to increase her calories and get her to gain weight.

I like Dr. New. She's friendly and bubbly. She talked to Bunny as much as she talked to me, and our personalities seem to click. I'm thankful that she's my children's pediatrician.

We went through the initial stuff with the nurse (also friendly). Bunny was weighed and measured, her vitals were taken, and I answered the routine new-patient questions. Then we waited until Dr. New came in.

When she did, she told me she was concerned about Bunny's slow growth and development. She was still waiting for Bunny's charts to arrive from Florida, and said she'd know more when she saw where she is in comparison to where she was. Her plan was to get the charts and review them, then have Bunny come back in for a weight-check appointment next Monday. So I made an appointment with the receptionist and headed home.

Wednesday morning, I got a call from Dr. New. Not from the office, not from the nurse, from Dr. New herself. She'd received the records from Florida and said she hadn't realized how dramatic Bunny's slow growth was, and wanted to see her before the weekend. She wanted to order blood work and a urinalysis, and then have me go to her Springfield office to discuss the results that came back right away. So I agreed to go to the hospital to have the labs drawn yesterday (Thursday) early afternoon.

Bean and Bug went to play at Ba's house to play and I took Bunny in. They took the blood in the lab, and then sent us upstairs to the pediatric ward for the urine sample. Bunny was very mad, but was definitely a trooper! The pediatric nurses felt bad that she couldn't have a sucker after they were done, so they gave her a gorgeous handmade baby blanket from a local church group that donates them to the hospital. (It's a pearly pale green and very soft!)

Bunny and I went over to Dr. New's office to go over the labs that came back right away. The plan right now is to wait until the rest of the lab work comes back. There's another appointment scheduled for next Thursday. Bunny's weight will be checked again, and the rest of the blood work can be reviewed to see what's going on. Dr. New said that if any results come back that concern her, she'll call me, and if anything changes with Bunny, I should call her. So we'll have to wait and see.

I have a few ideas of what it could be. I know I don't know all the possibilities, and I know some things are unlikely, but I'm moving forward with some of these things in mind so I'll be prepared to take the best care of Bunny that I can.

I'm resisting the temptation to google the hell out of what I know. Dr. New gave me a lot of information--she told me everything we know right now--and while she was doing her best to be calming and reassuring, I could tell she's worried. I think I've stayed pretty calm so far, especially since I don't really know anything yet. It's all dependent on the test results.

I know I'll start to feel better when I know what's going on. Once we know what's causing these problems, we can deal with them. We can create a treatment plan and move forward with it, and work toward getting Bunny where she should be.

As I have often said to friends and family, my priority is my children. I want nothing else but for Bean and Bunny to be healthy and happy, and I'll do whatever I have to in order for that to happen. But for now, I wait.

*Dr. New is not the pediatrician's real name. It's my code name for her because she's their new pediatrician. Get it? Get it?

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