28 October 2010

NaNoWriMo Prep: Call for photos

Orlando, Florida, November 2009
This month I'd like to share pictures of writers...well, writing, of course! Whether you're participating in NaNo or not, I'd love to share pictures of you writing during November (the photo doesn't have to have been taking in November).

You can be writing anything anywhere, as straightforward or creative as you'd like. However you'd like to represent yourself writing (no offensive images, please) is fine with me!

In addition to the photo and any caption you'd like, I'll also include a link to your blog or website of choice. The photos will be posted in the order in which they're received.

Please send your photos to me at nicolepalmby (at) gmail (dot) com. Include any information you would like posted with the photo in the blog (caption, bio, link, etc.). I will send email confirmation that the photo was received within a day or two. There's not really a deadline for the photos, but I would like to post as many as possible during the month of November.

So prove to me that writers write! Send your photos!

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