05 January 2010

10 on Tuesday: things that will be awesome about this year

  1. Getting a fresh start
  2. Making positive changes in my life
  3. Writing and finishing the coffee house book
  4. Making more time to read for pleasure
  5. Writing projects I have in the wings
  6. Visiting my family for Easter (keeping my fingers crossed that it works out!)
  7. ScriptFrenzy 2010 (I have a fun idea for my script this year)
  8. Celebrating Mother's Day as a mother for the first time
  9. Continuing to watch Bean grow and change
  10. Meeting my goals for this year

1 comment:

  1. I think its really sweet that you will be celebrating Mother's Day for the first time this year. I hope this doesn't sound morbid or depressing, but every Mother's Day, up until I moved to Atlanta, I made a special point of going out to my Mother's grave, planting some flowers - then closing my eyes and remembering something about her. Some years ago I wrote a poem, "Between The Rivers", based on the realization that although death presents us all with a river we cannot cross, God allows us to send someone else (our kids) across on our behalf. I've always believed that the ultimate measure of who we are is what of us our kids decide to take with them to that opposite bank. Please forgive me for the length of this, but your comment really struck a chord.



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