26 January 2010

10 on Tuesday: how to know if your spouse is a writer

[Please note: I use the word spouse in this post because that's my relationship status.  I don't mean to diminish other relationships in any way.]

  1. You spend more in paper, printer ink, and books than rent.
  2. You find your spouse staring at a wall or out the window, thinking. You come by an hour later to find your spouse in the same position, but claiming to have been working hard the whole time.
  3. In conversations, your spouse tells stories about someone you don't know as if they have coffee together regularly, and when you ask about the person, you discover he or she is a character in a story.
  4. You find ink pens in the bathroom.
  5. Your driving schedule for family vacations is determined by bookstore hours.  (Ask Hubby about our trip to a used bookstore in Georgia on a drive home from up north.)
  6. Your spouse scribbles a few notes on a paper napkin while you wait for your dessert at a restaurant.
  7. When your spouse gets the remote, it's BookTV for the evening.
  8. The bedroom light stays on at night until your spouse hits his or her word count.
  9. Your spouse's hands are a neon rainbow from various highlighters.
  10. When you ask your spouse a question during work time, you get a nod thirty seconds later, but not eye contact. No matter what the question was.


  1. I was convinced my husband would make a brilliant writer. I nagged him for years that he should write a book. Finally, about 2 years ago, he told me he loves to read, but has no interest in writing, none at all. He said if I'm so dead-set on someone in our family writing a book, I should do it myself. So I did...

    Great post!

    xoxo -- Hilary

  2. Hilary, thanks for the comment! I'm glad you liked the post. And thanks for stopping by the blog!

    Happy scribbling!


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