03 August 2015

New desk, new space

I have a new (bigger) desk and bigger office space. We didn't move, but we got rid of a big desk that wasn't being used to make room for a bigger desk for me, and a space much more conducive to my needs.

This is what it looked like yesterday as I was finishing getting it set up:

Much more room, much better view (I can see out the patio door now!), and a much better feeling. I actually like being in the space much more now. I think it's partly because the new layout makes it feel more office-y rather than a desk put in a convenient corner of the apartment. It's a dedicated office space rather than taking what was available.

It makes me feel more professional.

I know that when we move again I'll have something much closer to an actual office. But in the meantime, this is a very nice space. I'm very happy where I am.

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