23 July 2015

Yesterday was what it was

I intended to post something yesterday. It was our first day home from our trip, and I was optimistic about jumping back into the routine of things.

But then, Bo woke me with the news that a branch had fallen onto our car in the complex parking lot. It dented the front hood and broke through the windshield Final Destination-style.

Here's our hood. There's internal damage, as well, apparently.

Here's the windshield. The branch bounced off the dashboard, as well, so the shop has to check the systems behind the dashboard to make sure there's not any additional damage.

So that's what we did much of yesterday.

Before it rained in the afternoon, just as Bo was driving the (not really fit for driving) car to the shop. It could have been worse. No one was hurt and the damage is repairable. But it was certainly not what we wanted to come home to from our vacation.

I know this is life. Shit happens. And Bo called the insurance company, so we're in the process of getting it all taken care of. It's going to be okay. We'll get the car back in a couple of weeks, good as new, and get back to life as usual. In the meantime, we have another car we can use, so our lives aren't as disrupted as they could have been.

And once everything has settled a bit more, maybe we'll be able to laugh about the fact that Bo parked in a good spot to unload our luggage, and the tree betrayed us.

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