23 April 2015

On being cured

Over the weekend, Bo and I went up to the panhandle where her parents live for an appointment.

Before I met Bo, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. She underwent an aggressive chemotherapy treatment, and since going into remission about four years ago, has gotten the all clear on all of her PET scans.

That's good news in and of itself.

At the appointment with her oncologist last year, Dr. F said that because she was out of the danger zone, all her scans had gone well, and she's active about taking care of herself, he was comfortable with doing only one more scan and releasing her a year early (with the provision that she continue blood work for a while, just in case).

Shortly after that, we found out that Dr. F was leaving his office, and an interim oncologist was coming in. Just in time for what was planned to be Bo's last PET scan and results.

We were nervous about the last appointment because we didn't know if Dr. L would continue with Dr. F's plan to release Bo early, or if she would want to finish out the scans instead.

At the appointment, we got the all clear on the PET scan results. Another year of being cancer-free for Bo.

And Dr. L decided to go ahead and release Bo, under the provision that she have an appointment to check for damage caused by the chemotherapy and connect with a treatment center where we live just in case follow-up is needed.

That night, we went to dinner with Mimi and Papa G to celebrate because Bo has beat cancer.

She's cured.

Bo has told me that, for a long time, her life was on hold. She has said that, during her treatments, she lost that time. And through remission, there was always that fear that the next PET scan would be the one to raise a red flag and start everything all over again.

But now she's cured. She fought the good fight and won.

And now she can make that mental shift into the next phase of our lives in which she's healthy and with us, and cancer can be something that happened instead of something that is happening. She beat it.

Congratulations, Bo.

Fuck you, cancer.

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