03 December 2014

MTTSM's meme

Mom to the Screaming Masses posted a meme yesterday.

I do memes now. Memes are cool.

Signature Dish: Right now, spaghetti. It's quick, easy, and everyone eats it. So spaghetti.
Worst Thing I Ate This Week: Way too much of a pumpkin roll.
Favorite Junk Food: Kettle chips. I love them. I eat them too often.
Favorite Board Game: Scrabble. I'm much better at Scrabble than I am at Words with Friends. For some reason.
Household Chore I Enjoy: Sweeping/mopping. I find it very satisfying.
My Secret Cleaning Weapon: Multipurpose spray. I should start keeping one in every room, really.
Etiquette Pet Peeve: I hate it when people ignore common courtesies. I find it very disrespectful.
I Will Never Care About: Twerking.
The Last Thing I Bought Online Was: I can't say. Bo reads my blog and it's for Christmas.
I Drive: Bo's sister's car.
Good Habit: Listening to my body's needs.
Bad Habit: Picking at my fingernails.
Before Company Arrives I: Frantically straighten the house.
Cat/Dog/Other: I was always a cat person. Now we have a Clara dog.
Stuff I Can't Live Without: My family, coffee (especially now that I have a Keurig!), my book, pen and paper....
If I Had An Extra Hour Today, I Would: probably waste it.
My Handbag Is: in need of replacement.
On My Bucket List: Run a marathon.

Feel free to participate. It's fun!

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