27 June 2014

Four stick figures in chalk

Some time ago, Puck, Tink, and I went out on the balcony of my apartment with chalk that Yvaine had given them. I opened the boxes of chalk, dumped them on the cement, and let them play.

Tink drew circles and lines and scribbles (mostly in pink), and Puck drew flower after flower. When I asked him to draw our family, he carefully drew four stick figures. When I asked him who was who in his picture, he pointed to each in turn: me, him, Tink, and Yvaine.

Yvaine and I have been careful not to try and force her on the munchkins. It can take time for them--especially Puck--to warm up to new people, so we've let them take the lead as Yvaine has spent more and more time with them.

That's why it was such a significant moment to me to see those four figures right outside my door. In that moment, Puck revealed the importance of Yvaine in his life. She was no longer my friend or his friend or just someone that has dinner with us sometimes. Yvaine is part of our family. She is as important to Puck as he is to her.

And just like that, our family has changed.

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