01 September 2012

September Writing Goals

Typical task/goal lists
As I said in a previous post, September is a fresh start for me in a lot of ways, some of which have to do with my fiction-writing life. As a result, I've set some goals for myself this month that will help me get the collection back on track. Here's what's on my list for September:

  • Finish the character biographies for the coffee house book.
  • Write the outlines for at least two additional books in the collection.
  • Begin the character biographies for one additional book in the collection.
  • Begin the chapter-by-chapter outlines for the coffee house book.
I know it looks like a short list, but each component has a separate list of things that have to be done for that particular item to be done. So it's more than it appears. (Isn't that usually the case?) And as each task is crossed off this list, it will be replaced with a new one so I'll be able to continue pushing forward in the collection.

I think September is going to be a good month.

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