16 September 2012

Renew Your Spirit Sunday with Autumn

I love fall. It's probably my favorite season. I love that the weather is cooler, and it's time to start pulling out the cozy clothes and blankets. I love watching football games, finding warmth in my morning cup of coffee and the leaves changing colors on the trees.

It's been a hot summer here, and I've felt bad that the kids haven't been outside as much as I would have liked. Now that fall is here, the weather is getting cooler, and the kids can be outside more. We can play at the park, go on walks, have picnics, and all the other fun, outdoorsy, let's-be-in-and-among-nature stuff I like to do with the kids.

Puck is noticing that things are different now, too. The other day he noted that it was "cold," and that the leaves were starting to fall off the trees. Autumn is fun with a toddler who's noticing the sudden change in the seasons. I think we may have to jump in a pile of leaves when there are enough to rake up.

How are you spending these cooler days and evenings?


  1. I've been doing more walking. I enjoy the autumn because I can engage in more outdoor activities. This past summer has been far too hot and humid. I hope that you and your children have lots of fun this autumn.

  2. Thank you! All my son has been talking about is playing in the leaves. Every day he checks the tree in the yard to see if it still has leaves on it!


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