14 January 2011

I see you in the shadows...!

 h/t to Loralee for that image

Today is National Delurking Day, a fun event that happens on the blogosphere, and encourages readers who rarely or never comment to make themselves known.

So I encourage you to take this opportunity to let me know you've been following my ramblings about writing and life as a writer. Drop me a comment and tell me what you're reading and/or writing these days.

I'll start. I'm reading The Jeeves Omnibus by P. G. Wodehouse, and I'm writing the coffee house book. (See how easy that is?)

Then, you're more than welcome to go back to the shadows!


  1. I just found you through Carmen's blog, so technically I am not a de-lurker b/c I just found you! :)

    I wish I had time to read... so hard with three kids. So what I do is borrow cd books from the library and listen in the car. My favorite so far was "Cover the Butter" - a MUST read... or MUST hear if you can!

  2. Thanks for commenting! I know what you mean about not having much time to read, and I only have one little one!

    Books on CD are a great thing. I also have an iPod so sometimes I'll buy an audio book to listen to while I'm cleaning or while Bean is sleeping.

  3. I just discovered your blog from Carmen's site as well, but I've been lurking on lots of blogs for ages. I like what I've read on your blog so far, so in the spirit of Delurking Day I thought I'd say hello. I look forward to reading more of your writing!

  4. Oh- and I forgot to add that I'm currently re-reading The Book Theif. As for writing, for now I'm just writing on my blog, but I hope to start some fiction writing soon. :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Angela!


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