22 April 2008

Happy Earth Day!

As a writer, I use a lot of paper. I know, I know. Not entirely Earth-friendly, but I do recycle whenever I can, and when I have paper I can't recycle, I cut up the paper and use the backs of the quarter-sheets as notepaper, bookmarks, etc.

Today at work, I held class with half the lights off in an effort to conserve energy (as many other teachers did).

And on May 22nd, I'll be celebrating the first "But Earth Day Was Last Month" Day! I'll be wearing my organic shirt, conserving energy, and not using any paper all day to remind myself (and others) that every day is Earth Day!

I encourage you to join with me in this effort to make the Earth a little greener, and perhaps start trends that can continue the rest of the year!

Happy Earth Day! Think green!

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