23 June 2013

Renew Your Spirit Sunday with Music

Today is a special day. This afternoon, I have the privilege to be in a choir performance celebrating a friend's 35 years in music ministry.

Music is a big part of my spiritual walk, and I am blessed to get to sing with Sean every week at church since he plays piano and organ at my home church. His music helps bring my heart to a quiet place for services, celebrate and praise, and sends me to a busy week with a spirit centered right where it needs to be. He may not know it, but Sean's ministry at church is important to me. I'm so thankful to be able to sing with him every week, and especially in the church choir.

Music is like that, isn't it? It has a way of touching souls, connecting people, and moving something in us that no other art form can. Music is special, and people who dedicate their lives to music--like Sean--are special, too.

In an article for the local paper, Sean mentioned that when he was little, an organist introduced him to the organ. She showed him how it worked and let him sit beside her. It was her patience and care in fostering curiosity that led to Sean pursuing the organ.

I would like to note that it's Sean who introduced my son to the organ. We were in church one Sunday, sitting close to the front on the organ side of the sanctuary, and Puck realized that the music he was hearing was coming from the organ pipes, but that Mr. Sean was making the music off to the side. He became completely entranced by the music.

After the service, while Sean was still at the organ, I took Puck up to show him, and explained that Mr. Sean played the keys and pedals, and the music came from the pipes. So Sean showed Puck how it worked, showed him how to adjust the volume, and told Puck that when he's tall enough to reach the pedals, he can learn, too.

I don't know if Puck is going to learn to play piano and organ or not. If he does, I'll make sure he knows that it's thanks to Mr. Sean that he started.

And in the meantime, we'll continue to share in Sean's ministry and celebrate with him.

Congratulations, Sean, and thank you for your beautiful ministry to the community.

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