05 March 2013

ScriptFrenzy is coming

It's getting to be that time of year again when writers begin imagining proscenium stages or subconsciously scouting set locations while they drive to work.

ScriptFrenzy is almost here.

Like NaNoWriMo (and organized by the same bunch of crazy adventurers), Screnzy is a month-long writing event. But where NaNo guides writing a book, Screnzy guides helps writers see they have time to write a play.

30 days. 100 pages of script.

Don't freak out. In script-writing, 100 pages is easy-peasy. There's a lot more white space on a script page than a book page, and if you have a lot of dialogue (versus stage/screen directions), you'll be amazed at how quickly the pages go.

I love writing stage plays. I like the challenge of bringing a story to life just enough to allow a cast to become the story. I don't know that I would ever be a playwright, but it is certainly a fun break from prose.

Last year (or maybe it's been longer than that), I had an idea for a story that was borne out of the collection, but didn't fit into it. I intended to write it as a stage play for Screnzy. Life got a little crazy, and the idea still sits. So I'm going to try and tackle it this year. (Puck and Tink will be with Monty for most of April, so I'll have a little extra time that I can use.) I have plans for it once it's finished, too. But there's lots to do before we get to that point.

If you've ever had an idea for a stage play, screenplay, TV show, radio program, graphic novel, or even a scripted street performance, here's your chance to prove to yourself that you can, in fact, write it! Use the encouragement and motivation that comes from Screnzy to fuel your writing.

The "rules" can be found here, along with a place to sign up, valuable writing resources, and a forum to connect with other writers. There's still lots of time for you to decide whether or not to participate, and come up with an idea for your script. You even have time to create an outline and do some background work!

If you've ever imagined one of your stories on stage or screen, this is the time to take the first step toward making it happen. April will be here soon. Will you take the challenge?

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