10 April 2017

I am here.

I've been spending time away from social media and blogging for the last couple of months. It wasn't intentional, but it happened. There's lots of reasons.

My personal life has been a bit chaotic lately, which happens from time to time. Just when I think things are starting to settle down and we've established a good routine, Something Happens and my life is sort of shifted sideways or backwards or in a weird spirally circle thing, and I have to get my bearings before I can push forward again.

This is me. Well, it's Clara, but we're a lot alike, so it works.
This time, it came in the form of health problems, both physical and mental. I had to have a surprise minor procedure to correct a problem I was having (I'm fine now!), and the recovery was slower than I would have liked because the procedure put me in a fibro flare because my body hates me. I have the all-clear now, so now I'm trying to get back into my exercise routine to offset the days I wasn't exercising after the procedure.

In the midst of all this, my anxiety levels have been elevated (probably because of all this), so I've been tapping into all my coping skills to try and overcome my anxiety and keep it from getting out of control. Don't worry -- I'm taking care of myself! I'm using all the skills I have and techniques I know to remind myself that ANXIETY LIES and that everything is going to be okay.

So I've been spending a lot of time doing what I need to do for myself to stay healthy, and that has meant more self-care and less blogging.

But I'm venturing back into the outside world. Slowly. Slowly. I'm trying to be social again. I'm doing things that I know will make me feel better. I'm letting people take care of me when I need them to so that I can take care of others when they need me to.

So I'm venturing back into blogging.

Blogging helps me. It gives me a way to talk about my experiences and even if no one comments, I have the hope that someone somewhere reads what I write and says, "Yeah, me, too" so I feel a little less alone.

I am here.

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