03 August 2016

The importance of simplicity

For the past several years, my life has been complex. From the divorce to moving back to Florida to the kids health concerns to everything else, life has been complex. But now that we've been getting things in line a bit more, including diagnoses for the kids, I'm trying to create a new normal in my life.

And that calls for simplicity.

Here's the thing. My life will always be complex, especially with fibromyalgia and having two high-needs kids, but if I can create as much simplicity as possible in the life I lead, it will help counter-balance the chaos of the things I have no control over.

My search for simplicity began with starting a bullet journal. I started my second notebook this month, and I love the system. It's working incredibly well for me. And it has simplified my life considerably since I keep everything (journal, lists, sticky notes, calendar) all in one convenient, fits-in-my-purse notebook.

The next step has been minimalization in the apartment through the Konmari method. Our apartment is cluttered with stuff we need and use, stuff we've acquired, stuff we don't want anymore.... and I'm making a concerted effort to get rid of anything that doesn't need to be here anymore. Once we de-clutter the apartment, we'll have more breathing and living space. Since I spend the vast majority of my time in the apartment, that will make me happy.

I know there will still be complications in my life. I know that simplicity and minimization won't solve our problems.

But I'm hoping that simplicity in some areas of my life will give me the emotional and mental energy to deal with the complications in other areas of my life. And since the complications I experience tend to be pretty significant, I need all the energy I can get.

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