08 August 2016

New changes, new structures

A typical day of homeschooling
Photo by Brandi Gilbertson
My life has changed a lot in the last four months or so.

We began homeschooling the kids, which changed our dynamic with Monty so that we have the kids every day when he's at work on his timesharing weeks.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, so I'm trying to manage all the complexities that come with that.

Tink may have a feeding disorder (we're still figuring out her myriad of health problems).

And Puck has been referred to physical therapy which may help, but may point us in a different direction for his health needs.

In order to manage all these changes, it's been imperative for Bo and I to develop a clear daily structure and expectations for the kids as well as for ourselves. The structure is especially beneficial for Puck; he struggles with anxiety, so having a predictable routine every day helps keep him from becoming overwhelmed and anxious. It's also beneficial for Tink. She's very securely in the extroverted camp, and tends to get distracted easily. Our schedule keeps her focused until her schoolwork is done for the day.

It also helps me plan for work. One of the great benefits of my career is that it's built around flexibility. I work when I have to, but I can also work when I need to. This type of career allows me to go to the kids' appointments (and my own), homeschool, and spend lots of time with the munchkins. Having a set schedule with the kids gives me a framework for work. I know that Bo does homeschooling with the kids in the mornings, so I can use that time for work.

I like how our life is set up. I like knowing I can adjust my schedule for field trips to the science center or library or unexpected blood work. Not only am I working in my field, but I have a successful career (that's continuing to grow) and am doing what I need to do so I can be present for my family.

Yes, our life is full of chaos. But our structure makes it manageable. And I certainly do love my life.

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